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Task Workflow

Capturing authentic evidence of learning and providing feedback to learners is a foundation of Headrush.

Learners have always been able to submit evidence into tasks, so that evidence could be reviewed and assessed by the advisor. However, keeping track of what evidence a learner was currently working on, what needed revising and what is considered complete wasn’t always easy.

With the new release of Task Workflows in Headrush, Learners and Advisors have a much more streamlined way to manage the lifecycle of task, evidence and feedback.

The new workflow feature is automatically available on all tasks, new and existing, that require evidence.

Tasks in the Workflow start out as To Do.

Once the Learner begins work, the Task will be marked In progress.

When the learner adds evidence to the task, they mark the status as Submitted, indicating that the evidence is ready for advisor review.

The learner can view the status of all their tasks in a convenient Kanban style card layout independently from the Task Board, meaning the Task Board can be organized in whatever structure is best for the learning scenario.

The Advisor can view the status of all evidence in the module, and drill down into specific learner and evidence details.

When the Advisor wants the learner to revise their evidence, they can mark it as “Needs Review,” supporting mentorship and feedback loops with learners.

When all revisions are added, the Advisor can mark the task complete.

With Task Workflow, headrush supports deeper and more targeted feedback loops, giving both Learners and Advisors a better way to see and manage the status of their tasks to support agile learning.

In addition, the introduction of task workflows sets the stage for some exciting future features aimed at always helping learners and advisors stay focused on what matters.

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