Learner agency and engagement

How do I engage students to own their learning, while still ensuring they get the guidance and content they need for success?

Student-led workflows

Students can propose and design their own learning experiences using smart scaffolding to support quality process, iterative design, and project management.

Students can search and align learning outcomes to their work, based on their target plan, keeping expectations transparent and reinforcing meaning.

Students can prioritize their own expectations, deadlines, and subtasks in their calendar or via their centralized task board.

Flexibility in design

Visual Task Boards allow teachers to design learning the way they want, with common tasks and different deliverables, while enabling new and different ways to manage learning.

Parts and pieces can easily be copied from one place to another, encouraging and enabling content, performance tasks, and plans to be used in many ways and in all shapes and sizes.

Teachers across subject areas can work together to design meaningful experiences for learners and add learners to any project as co-designers.

Personalized learning management

See across all student learning, embrace collaborative cross-curricular teaching, and manage student-led personal learning plans.

Individualized learning goals along with differentiated tasks make personalizing student work and assessment manageable.

Stimulate interest, deep learning, and support post secondary certifications by curating a warehouse of independent paths of study in which students can engage.

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