Re-use and Re-mix your best

Headrush makes it simple to re-use and re-mix your best learning activities through flexible task boards and a warehouse of regularly-used activities.

Feature tour: 26 minutes total

Headrush Feature Tour: Start
3 mins 10s
Task Boards in Headrush
1 min 45s
Tracking Competency-Based Learning
2 mins 10s
Headrush and Google
2 mins
Start and Support Student-Led Projects
2 mins 24s
Inviting Guest Assessors
2 mins 25s
Re-use and Re-mix your best
3 mins
Fractional (or Partial) Credits
2 mins
Task Workflow
1 min 45s
Closing Feedback Loops
2 mins 30s
Task Assessment
1 min 15s
Connected Modules
2 mins 30s


Re-use and re-mix the best content and tasks you’ve created. Headrush makes it simple.

The Task Board is a simple and visual metaphor for collecting, curating, and organizing individual and group activities. The Task Board can be copied to other modules. Individual columns and tasks can also be copied, within a module or to other modules.

Every module can be copied, by adding it to the Warehouse for others to use, or by copying it from the Dashboard. From the Warehouse, for example, highlight any module. Click copy. Modify the overview, tasks, and learning targets. Then add learners and the module is ready!

But what if you only want to copy a column of tasks, or an individual task?

Let’s say you’re developing a seminar focused on a book about privacy.

You remember seeing tasks in another module with research and embedded YouTube videos that support the seminar.

You can copy the entire column and its tasks into the seminar in one step.

The copied column will be placed into the target module on the left, ready for adjustment.

Now let’s say you want to add some thinking routines to the formative assessment of your seminar. You want to add the Think Pair Share routine to the assessment, so you copy that task into the seminar. headrush will automatically notify learners that the new task has been added.

Meanwhile, you find an article on the internet that’s relevant to some of your learners in their personal learning plan. These young data scientists would benefit from the article, so you add the task to one student’s PLP… and then copy it to the other student’s PLPs from there.

Before you start a new module, or while you’re in the middle of one, you can copy Tasks, Columns, and Modules to re-use and re-mix your best ideas and best practices without starting from scratch.

To learn more about copying tasks and columns, ask us on Intercom, in Headrush.

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