Tracking Competency-Based Learning

Headrush simplifies competency-based assessment, supporting aligned competencies across curriculum areas, external audiience feedback, and meaningful reports.

Feature tour: 26 minutes total

Headrush Feature Tour: Start
3 mins 10s
Task Boards in Headrush
1 min 45s
Tracking Competency-Based Learning
2 mins 10s
Headrush and Google
2 mins
Start and Support Student-Led Projects
2 mins 24s
Inviting Guest Assessors
2 mins 25s
Re-use and Re-mix your best
3 mins
Fractional (or Partial) Credits
2 mins
Task Workflow
1 min 45s
Closing Feedback Loops
2 mins 30s
Task Assessment
1 min 15s
Connected Modules
2 mins 30s


Tracking and reporting competencies helps more precisely communicate what learners know, what they can do and how they can use their learning in life beyond school.

However, tracking competency-based learning can be difficult with traditional learning management systems. Whether it be burdensome front-end setup or inflexible course-based structures, many find themselves creating separate spreadsheets or even resorting back to more traditional grading methods.

Headrush makes your competency-based tracking vision a reality without the overhead. Align learning to competencies across curriculum areas. Invite external audiences as guests to enrich assessment. Celebrate learning progression with reports that value your learning culture.

The lifecycle of a Headrush learning scenario starts with the end in mind by linking relevant competencies if desired. As learners work and things change, advisors can adapt these starting competencies to fit the situation. As learners propose projects or proactively pursue independent paths of study, completed competencies are filtered out helping them work toward proficiency in self-directed ways.

At any time, learners can be collectively or individually assessed based on the evidence they submit. Assessment can range across curriculum areas, or focus on specific subjects.

Headrush can optionally map competencies directly to credits which saves time from double entry spreadsheets, and satisfies credit-based reporting requirements.

As learners complete projects, seminars, units, and a variety of other learning experiences competencies are updated on their learner dashboard, supporting an agile approach to learning management.

Custom alignments of your curriculum to competencies, enriched assessments and meaningful reporting are three ways Headrush enables learners to share their learning with the world.

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