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12 Month, One Phase + 1 Year Subscription

  • 3 Training sessions
  • 1 Setup, 2 Tune up Session
  • Library of help tutorials
  • Preloaded module starter pack
  • Learning Target import support
  • Embedded chat support
  • Attend any Headrush Huddle

24 Month, Two Phase + 2 Year Subscription

Includes 12 Month and:
  • Multi-year strategic planning
  • 3 more Training sessions (6 total)
  • 2 more Tune up sessions (4 total)
  • Learning Target import data entry (assumes available digitally)
  • Warehouse population support

Dedicated Coach + Subscription

  • Dedicated implementation coach
  • Monthly check in/tuneups
  • Proactive usage reporting
  • Secondary Rollouts

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Frequently asked questions

Who is right for Headrush?

Headrush is ideal for learning organizations, schools, programs and teams that put learners at the center, and need an agile and responsive way to adapt to changes in their model and experience. Headrush is best for learners ages 10 and up.

What is required to run Headrush?

Headrush requires a modern web browser and a device that can connect to the internet. No special plugins or other software is required to be installed.

How long does it take to implement Headrush?

Your Headrush system can be provisioned within a day. Familiarizing your team with the Headrush platform itself often happens quickly. Nevertheless, decisions on the best way to configure Headrush, how and when to introduce it to learners, as well as how much pre-population of content & projects a group feels it needs, usually means that a minimum of 1-3 months is needed for teams to sort this out.

That said, implementation varies based on how agile a group’s learning model already is and how calibrated the staff is along its collaborative practices. Organizations new to agile learning methods with a group of newly hired staff will likely require more time to get in sync, but that has less to do with the actual clicks in Headrush and more to do with the how the team wants to use Headrush and how student progress should be reported.

What support is included once I’m a customer?

Headrush provides a series of personalized and recurring training implementation sessions as part of becoming a customer. Beyond those activities, regular virtual Headrush Huddles are available to customers at no cost. Likewise, an in-app chat is available for both learners and school staff. During regular business hours, chat responses are very quick. During non-business hours, we reply within 1-3 days of the request.

Hows does Headrush work with Google Apps?

Schools that use Google for Education can enable the Headrush-Google Integration. The integration will:

  • Automatically create a Headrush account when logging in with a Google account.
  • Assign permissions of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides when these are shared as evidence, eliminating extra steps to share.
  • Allow for editing and commenting on Google App files within Headrush.

To learn more about the integration, check out the Help Center article.

Does Headrush do attendance?

Although Headrush has reports and views to track student engagement, the platform currently does not have a traditional period-to-period attendance tracking feature.

Does Headrush have single sign on (SSO) capabilities?

Headrush supports SSO with Google Apps, such as Google Apps for Education. Additional options may be available. Please share your needs during your demo to learn more.

Does Headrush provide a parent portal?

Yes. Administrators can easily set up parent / guardian accounts who can view the activity, projects, tasks, progress, and reports of students.

What is the cost?

Pricing consists of two components: a one-time, first year implementation package purchase, and an annual subscription. Both vary based on the size of your organization and your desired approach. Our minimum annual subscription is $2,500 USD. Schedule a time to connect and we’d be happy to share the details.

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