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Headrush in Action

A Smarter Way Forward

Stafford champions a better way forward for rural students with increased opportunities and deeper learning with Headrush at the center.

JAG Partners with Headrush

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), a school-to-career program that supports young people of great promise, has partnered with Headrush.

Elevating Competency-Based Learning

Latitude High School shares its innovative, competency-based approach with members of the Michigan Co-op network of schools, including how Headrush supports these efforts.

Innovation in Action

Fostering Jagged People – For Science!

In his book The End of Average, Harvard University’s Todd Rose talks about how no one is average. Average is a statistical myth. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating talent based on a single number like a GPA or an SAT doesn’t work. In Rose’s terms, people are jagged.

Upgrading Your Advisory Program to Fit the Unique Needs of Your Learners

The pandemic has changed how we connect with students. With the recent mass-movement toward hybrid learning and respective opportunity gaps in access, there is an amplified need to connect more authentically with the young people we serve.

Why students need to know the benefits of active learning

Extensive research supports that students in active environments learn more than in passive, lecture based classrooms. Despite these findings, most institutions still follow traditional teaching methods.

Learning in Action

When Students Own Their Learning Experiences

Once students began to own their learning, Create your TED Talk gained momentum amongst the students and became an intellectual rite of passage, a part of our student-led learning culture for years to come.

Learner Initiated, Advisor Guided Scenarios

Learners lead project development and advisors guide project structure, add supplemental tasks and provide feedback along the way.

Embracing Guest Assessment

Bringing community experts into the assessment process from outside the school is easier than you think.

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Learning is an experience. Social. Emotional. Multi-sensory. It took nothing short of a global pandemic to re-centre the educational discourse around this important premise.

Evolve your Learning Culture

Using HEADRUSH, Northwest Passage High School (NWPHS) is developing a way for staff members to track their professional development goals and relicensure requirements. Though still in its early stages, NWPHS sees a lot of potential for how this will improve professional development for their staff. This effort was recognized by the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools Innovation of the Month.

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