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We help bold schools drive better learning.

Our Pillars

Meet learners where they are

Empower students to own their learning

Inspire learner-centered agile ecosystems

Express learning to the world

Our Story

HEADRUSH was founded in 2017 as a convergence of our founders' 15+ years of experience starting up, working in, and supporting learner-centered schools.

Founders Mike, Shane, and Jeff knew firsthand how limited the options were for truly learner-centered schools.

  • Traditional learning systems stifled the kind of model the three believed best for learning;
  • Home grown systems were easy to start, but hard to maintain;
  • More generic solutions put student agency far behind more teacher-directed activities.

That first year, five innovative schools trusted the trio’s abilities and vision enough to pilot Headrush with a few hundred learners. The feedback, excitement, and validation of those first five schools have fueled growth that has allowed Headrush to grow the team and serve 10,000+ learners, across 3 continents.

Headrush is based in Toronto, Canada. Our international team spans Canada, the United States, and Colombia.

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Our Partners

Authentic Learning Lab

pbl, school innovation, teacher power

Nicholas J. Martino is an internationally renowned expert in project-based learning, authentic learning, and social-emotional learning.


STEM, learning design, curriculum

Educhange designs competency-based math and science curriculum for innovative schools.


pbl, resilience, career readiness

As a non-profit edu service center, ESSDACK provides leadership, innovation, services, products, and solutions to educators in Kansas and around the world.


teacher power, school network

WRCCS curates and connects innovative schools with best practices in Wisconsin.

Project ARC

school innovation, thought leadership, community asset mapping

Project ARC’s authentic professional development supports project-learning experiences relevant to communities working to learn.


pbl, global, school innovation

EdVisions is a nationwide network of learner-centered schools demonstrating PBL best practices.

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