Agile accounting for learning

How do we maintain the integrity of our learning model while still satisfying external stakeholder reporting and accreditations requirements?

Standard and Competency-based Assessment

Embrace the benefits of better accounting for learning, while still being able to report out in traditional means without the need for two sets of books.

Align and assess interdisciplinary learning targets to tasks and or modules in advance or as they’re learned, all of which rolls up into easy to track summaries.

Embrace iteration in learning while also being able to manage it across many students with Evidence workflow.

Whole person reporting

Fitting the structure of the Mastery Transcript Consortium, Headrush organizes evidence of learning in ways that showcase completion while also supporting the story of the learner’s journey.

Individualized learning goals along with differentiated tasks make personalizing student work and assessment manageable.

Traditional transcripts have their place, which Headrush generates, but Headrush also can generate other informative compelling reports to tell the story of learner progression as well as provide CSV, automatically updated Google Sheet, and other data exports to support data liberation.

Rubrics and Guest Assessors

Product and performance rubrics are wonderful tools that often end up scattered in Google Drive folders or worse yet, sit idle in a binder. Headrush makes it easy to align and assess these criteria anywhere, which then roll up into useful over-time summaries of student performance.

Easily invite guest assessors to view and provide feedback to student work. No special accounts setup required and optionally include the respective descriptive rubrics you’d like to include to guide assessment.

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