Closing Feedback Loops

Headrush makes it easy to review student evidence, provide feedback, and assess against learning targets to close feedback loops with learners.

Feature tour: 26 minutes total

Headrush Feature Tour: Start
3 mins 10s
Task Boards in Headrush
1 min 45s
Tracking Competency-Based Learning
2 mins 10s
Headrush and Google
2 mins
Start and Support Student-Led Projects
2 mins 24s
Inviting Guest Assessors
2 mins 25s
Re-use and Re-mix your best
3 mins
Fractional (or Partial) Credits
2 mins
Task Workflow
1 min 45s
Closing Feedback Loops
2 mins 30s
Task Assessment
1 min 15s
Connected Modules
2 mins 30s


Headrush makes it quick and easy to close feedback loops with learners.

Reviewing student work and providing feedback is an essential part of any learning loop. But, even when working with a small number of students, the review of each piece of work can quickly become overwhelming.

Headrush makes it fast and easy to review student work, provide narrative feedback, and assess against learning targets, whether it be part of teacher-led scenarios or scattered across a variety of student-led experiences.

In a teacher-led scenario, with many learners submitting different kinds of evidence at different times, quickly view the status of each student from the Evidence view.

Click to view, comment, and edit the Evidence inline, provide feedback to the student, assess with aligned learning targets, and formally change the status.

From here jump to the next task or another task on the task board, staying on the same student.

Likewise, jump to the next student or another student while focusing on the same task.

Quickly send out a reminder to just those students who have not yet submitted evidence for a task with the click of a button.

Sometimes evidence of learning is simply observation and does not require students to submit formal evidence. In this case, mark one student or all students as complete on the Task Workflow view.

Beyond teacher-led scenarios, Headrush makes reviewing student-led work quick and organized.

View the workflow for an individual student to see tasks and activity in all modules. Filter to focus on tasks assigned to the student, or managed by the student. Drag tasks to change their status, or click them to review the associated evidence.

The Task Inbox brings all student activity in all modules together. Use the filters to focus on specific students, modules, or learning targets. Then, click to view the task and associated evidence, and quickly switch between tasks and learners.

A simpler workflow, side-by-side evidence review and assessment, and quick navigation mean less clicks and more feedback.

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