Task Boards in Headrush

Headrush uses Kanban-style task boards to support an endless variety of learning scenarios in a simple, visual form.

Feature tour: 26 minutes total

Headrush Feature Tour: Start
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Task Boards in Headrush
1 min 45s
Tracking Competency-Based Learning
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Headrush and Google
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Start and Support Student-Led Projects
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Inviting Guest Assessors
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Re-use and Re-mix your best
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Task Workflow
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Task Assessment
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Connected Modules
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At its base, every project is a list of tasks. But a list isn’t always the best way of organizing.

Every Module in Headrush has a Task Board. The Task Board is a simple and visual metaphor for collecting, curating, and organizing individual and group activities.

The Board is arranged in columns that can be named for anything:

  • Themes
  • Time periods
  • People in a team
  • Stages in a Process

Cards are put in the Columns to represent activities like Tasks, Meetings, Assignments, and submitting the results of work as evidence.

So the Board columns can can be arranged and cards created to support any learning scenario:

  • the seminar with scheduled lectures, tests and final results,
  • the group project, with a mixture of individual and team responsibilities,
  • a personalized learning plan, with a long-term view of growth and development,
  • or a design thinking process.

Each board can become a template for future modules. Tasks and columns can be copied between boards on the fly. Remix your best practices for future projects.

Task Boards support an endless variety of learning scenarios, and save time by re-using what you create.

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