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Task Assessment

Celebrating learner achievement with summative assessments is a cornerstone of how Headrush supports competency-based assessment.

Advisors have always been able to assess learner work against learning targets aligned to the module.

Now, advisors can provide and manage a more granular level of assessment by connecting and assessing tasks with learning targets.

Here’s how it works.

At any time, a task can be identified as an assessed task and specific learning targets can be selected.

As learners submit evidence, the evidence can be assessed according to those targets.

These assessments are summarized together in the overall competency assessment for the module.

Advisors have complete control over final assessment for the module.

Drill into learner competency achievements to find the exact task and evidence that contributed, to see specifically what led to the learner’s progress.

With Task Assessment, Headrush makes the picture of learner progress even sharper, empowering organizations to realize the benefits of competency-based learning.

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