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Start and Support Student-Led Projects

It’s one thing to watch a video about something, it’s another to actually use what you saw to do something real.

You are a teacher who does projects with students. You appreciate the value of scaffolding in the process and embrace learner-designed work.

Whether it’s student passion projects, an assigned project as part of a thematic unit, or via a program like Genius Hour—with Headrush, no matter what your learners create, you can manage and support their work and your process in one place, without needing to send a single email.

Reinforce your expectations and milestones, while you empower and engage the learner. Guide your learners, manage the back and forth, and attach relevant rubrics to projects. Start with best practice templates that reinforce good project practices.

Headrush gives you and learners the freedom to focus. Reinforce good practices and support learner-led projects without the messiness.

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