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Guest Assessor Feedback

Narrative feedback and real-time assessment are both empowering and instructive for learners. Likewise, external audiences heighten authenticity of learning and provide a role for the community to enrich the student experience.

These guests may be community allies, industry experts, or maybe even peers, invited during a project presentation review, a competitive event where outsiders rate students or a technical product/prototype.

Collecting feedback on student work from guest assessors can be challenging and complex.

Headrush simplifies this process by eliminating special logins and instantly serving up rubrics already present on the learner’s work. All this happens right in the regular workflow of modules, assessments, and feedback. Let’s see how it works.

On any Module in Headrush, an advisor can invite a guest to provide an assessment for a given learner or a group of learners. The advisor chooses what they’d like the guest to assess, what the learner can see, and an optional welcome message. Easily copy and paste the created link to share with a group of guest assessors. When the guest clicks the link, their personal and private view shows a list of learners to review.

Guests can then review the Learner’s work, and assess and provide feedback as requested by the Advisor. Once completed, the Guest assessor will be emailed a copy of their assessment for posterity and confirmation. Headrush will ask guest assessors to verify their identity using an email verification, although this is not required. Advisors will be able to see if the guest has verified their email or not in their response. The Advisor will be notified a guest assessment has been completed and can at any time view the assessment alongside their own. The advisor can also easily track which guests have not started their assessments, and send them a friendly reminder.

If permitted, learners can then view the assessment of guests.

Making it easy to invite guests, simplifying how feedback is gathered, and empowering learners with authentic assessment results are the natural extension of how Headrush facilitates meaningful experiences for learners supported by mentors.

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