Fractional (or Partial) Credits in Headrush

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Inviting Guest Assessors

Extend the community of feedback to empower students with authentic realtime assessment. Share rubrics and student evidence for evaluation with a simple link, no logins required.

Tracking Competency-Based Learning

Competency-based learning frees learners to navigate to mastery in more personalized ways that better communicate the learner’s application of both knowledge and skills.
Headrush makes it easy.

The Power of Task Boards

The Task Board is a simple visual metaphor for collecting, curating, and organizing individual and group activities. Learn how the Task Board makes any learning scenario possible through multi-use task cards and flexible columns.

Headrush and Google

Headrush and Google work well together. Connect your Google account to Headrush, and login with a click. From there, create, re-mix and re-use what is in your Google Drive wherever you need to. Sharing happens automatically.

Re-use and Remix

Learn how to use Headrush to re-use and re-mix your projects, expectations and outcomes with learners. Start learners with templates that reinforce your expectations while staying open to change as projects evolve.

Start and Support Student-Led Projects

Student passion projects, assigned projects in a thematic unit, and programs like genius hour: no matter what your learners create, you can manage and support their work and your process in one place, without needing to send a single email.

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What is in this video?

Credits. The most common and widely accepted currency when reporting student achievement at the high school level.

But the jagged reality of agile learning doesn’t always match the square tracking of credits. 


Credits need to be recovered when time is lost to circumstances.

Tracking credit through cross-curricular projects is difficult. 

And non-traditional, out-of-school learning is lost to the process. 


Student opportunities should not be lost to antiquated credit bookkeeping.


Headrush solves this problem with partial or fractional credits tracking through flexible assessment, real-time dashboards, and tailored transcripts.


Learning in Headrush does not need to happen within traditional timetables or structures. Instead, as Modules are created, remixed, and reused, students can be collectively or individually assessed based on the evidence they submit. Assessment can be cross-curricular and fractional based on the evidence demonstrated by a student.

For schools that are competency-based and still need credits, Headrush can directly map competencies to credits, which saves time and spreadsheets, while making clear what earned credit means. As students complete projects, seminars, units, and other learning experiences, credits accumulate. Rules and thresholds can be set up to generate accurate reports. 

The result is an always up to date credit dashboard, reports, transcripts, and credit information that  can be exported for State Course Code reporting.


All together, Headrush ensures students can be recognized for all that they have learned and done, without the bookkeeping burden.