Better Stories Inspire Better Opportunities

The schools Headrush serves are shining examples of how dedicated and passionate innovators evolve education to better serve learners.

As more people learn the story of their achievements and impact on learners, they are inspired to support and engage the larger movement. Telling these stories can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why Headrush is launching ‘This is Us’, an awareness-raising and storytelling initiative designed to shine a light on the work you and those like you are doing. And hey, if more people find out about Headrush along the way, that will make us happy and in turn allow us to do more to better serve you!

Headrush will develop for your school, free of charge:

Celebratory Press Release
Celebratory Press Release

We will draft a celebratory press release targeting journalists in your local community, region, and nationally to amplify your story. All you need to do is approve it, and we’ll take care of publishing and sharing.

Promotional Web Page
Promotional Web Page

We will adapt the Press Release into a web page you can easily publish on your school’s promotional website, which shares the unique kit of tools you use for learning–which includes Headrush. This page can become a parent and community resource, used for introducing new members, students, parents and teachers to some of what makes your school unique. We will also provide technical support for the publishing process.

Customized 2-3 minute School Video

We will create a customized 2-3 minute video about your school, optionally using student-supplied video and audio content. This video will showcase your school’s mission, vision, community, and the unique set of tools your students and teachers use to create their learning.

Headrush Module and Student Engagement

Headrush module task board

This project can be a great way to engage your students in developing content that connects them more deeply to your school mission and vision.

Headrush has created a module which can be aligned with your learning targets and used to involve students who are interested in public relations, media, video, audio, and communications work.

Through a simple process of filling-in-the-blanks, students can participate and provide voiceover audio recordings, photos, and videos.

How does it work?

Just reply to the chat you see on this page with “Yes” and we’ll get in touch. Then, over the next 8 weeks we will prepare drafts of the content above, and share with you for review and feedback. The whole process can take as little as 30 minutes of your time spread out over the 8 week period. (Student involvement can vary depending on how much you involve them in the content creation process, but can be less than 1 hour total.)

Get started

Just reply YES to the chat that will appear below.