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"We are LOVING everything HEADRUSH has to offer. Thanks for all you guys are doing and for how responsive you are to all our feedback and requests! This is an awesome product and you guys are killing it every day. We couldn't/wouldn't do student-driven learning without HEADRUSH. It's a fantastic tool."

Craig Wignes, Social Studies Advisor & Administrative Designee

Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy


"I am a huge fan of HEADRUSH which is a PBL management system that helps to tell the story of learning… that story of learning is really important. HEADRUSH is a platform that has moveable task boards, visual todo lists, a portfolio collection, and the ability, importantly, to provide feedback on student artifacts, from both the teacher and a technical expert. HEADRUSH's tagline is "Learning Liberated” and I think it really delivers from a PBL standpoint, where other learning management systems can be made to fit PBL— You know, I’ve been there, done that, tried most of them, but HEADRUSH was designed specifically with PBL in mind.”

Dayna Laur, Co-Founder

Project ARC


"HEADRUSH is awesome and so great that we have this web-based learning platform in place amidst all of this school closure craziness. HEADRUSH, if you ever wonder if your work positively impacts students, teachers, and learning - don't! It does - and is helping our school navigate AND continue ALMOST business as usual!"

Jenny Landes, Educator

Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School


"Our intention with HEADRUSH is to help students rethink what it means to learn at school and at the same time to capture a student’s learning story. What HEADRUSH allows us to do is, on the front-end, when students define their Learning Opportunity, they have to answer all the who, what, when, where, why, how questions. Why am I doing this? Who is involved? What is it? Just them thinking of a Learning Opportunity and then defining it using the Learning Targets, I’m already winning as a teacher."

Pat Misterovich, Co-founder


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"Our program at Avalon wouldn’t be possible without HEADRUSH-- HEADRUSH is responsive, intuitive, and helps students own their learning in real-time. The team at HEADRUSH has been wonderful to work with; Updates keep rolling out as direct responses to feedback from our students, and it has been so empowering for them to know that their voice matters."

Tim Quealy, Program Coordinator


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"HEADRUSH has been indispensable for us as all of our teachers and advisors can access our individual students' projects. When they find a resource or have an expertise that can help any student, they can add comments or tasks within HEADRUSH. When a student is working on a component of their project that an academic teacher can provide support for, they can have a discussion about that task within the app. Thank you HEADRUSH for being there not only for our students, but also for encouraging our teachers to venture into the world of personalized PBL. When life gives you lemons, the HEADRUSH app helps you make lemonade."

Jean Kaneko, Chief Catalyzer,

Catalyst Innovation Institute

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"The light has opened my eyes to HEADRUSH! I can view everyone to see who has added their lessons each day and who hasn't, which is soooo helpful. I can now send out emails to ask students to meet so I can help them with their work journal! Love it. HEADRUSH rocks!"

Darlene Wonggaew, Core 1 Educator

Da Vinci Connect

"No really, you rock. Way to go team HEADRUSH! People are happy. Thanks for all you do!"

Brianne Allen, Operations Manager

Da Vinci Connect

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"As one of the most exciting demos of the new year, HEADRUSH has only begun to make its mark.”

Adam Kulaas, Director

Getting Smart

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"A highlight for our students has been how HEADRUSH allows them to see where they’re at with their learning targets and graduation requirements, along with the functions where both educators and students can exchange comments, and then the implementation of different types of project proposals. These are the features that really help students understand what they are doing on a big picture level.”

Adnan Mackovic, Cohort 1 Principal

THINK Global School

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"HEADRUSH really changed everything for us this year, because we knew we needed a PBL learning management system. Even from home, I get emails that show student activity with their individual tasks completed on HEADRUSH. It’s such a blessing to have something customizable and an all-in-one system. It’s working really well."

Jenny Hill, Director

Resilience Charter School

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"Kudos to the HEADRUSH crew! Every step of the way we communicate back and forth with the HEADRUSH team to see what’s new and how we can best integrate HEADRUSH. Our advisors are all very complimentary about how smoothly the students have transitioned to HEADRUSH."

Gigi Dobosenski, Advisor & Co-Director

Edvisions Off-Campus

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"Before HEADRUSH we felt some frustrations with other services because the kids felt that it boxed them in, whereas HEADRUSH helps students see things in ways that make sense to them and helps them to understand where they are within their project. HEADRUSH really gives us a lot more room outside of the box. HEADRUSH makes it easy to manage student project work because it really is just that flexible."

Travis Augustine, Educator

Class Act Charter School

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"What HEADRUSH has done for us is created a much more intuitive, user-friendly interface that can upload results and embed student work/research right within the platform... It keeps students on track, organized and simplified things in a sleek way."

Peter Wieczorek, Director

Northwest Passage High School


"By partnering with HEADRUSH in building action plans and school competencies, we are providing a simple system for reporting and accountability to save teachers time and to provide visual standards alignment between school, district and state expectations.”

Sarah Hackett, Director


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"HEADRUSH provides the flow that students need. Just being able to see everything laid out is really helpful for them in managing their project work." 

Luke Stachovak, Founding member

D.C. Everest Idea School