In Support of Distance Learning

As schools work to go online utilizing distance learning, we at Headrush have pulled together perspective based on our experience, community and a few trusted partners. Whether you are an existing Headrush customer, a potential future customer, or someone just looking for inspiration, we hope you find these useful.      

Woman in front of laptop biting pencil

5 Strategies for Transitioning to Online Learning

At Home Project Prototype

What PBL Looks Like During School Closures

Three Young Kids in a circle on ipads

A Dad’s Guide to this unexpected break

Connect with Us

We'll be the first to tell you that firing up a new platform as a reaction to a crisis shouldn't be your first priority.  However, based on decades of experience with digital learning design and platforms to support it, here are a few ways we could help:

  • If engagement is low, we could offer strategies and tools for building and managing more engaging projects online

  • If staff are struggling, we could offer remote support and coaching for online learning

  • If school closings are expected for longer than a month, we can help build a more robust learning plan supported by the platform with reporting for parents.  (this isn't a quick fix by any means)