What we’re all about

At Headrush, we collaborate to liberate learning from the bounds of traditional systems. Together we…

  • Meet learners where they are

  • Empower students to own their learning experiences

  • Inspire learner-centered, agile ecosystems

  • Express learning to the world

Our History

Founded in 2017, HEADRUSH began without a name, building, team nor investors. Instead, HEADRUSH was born as a convergence of stories, as initial founders Shane and Mike, along with code-ninja Jeff, joined forces with one aim in mind -- to help innovative schools adopt a more learner-centric approach.


HEADRUSH was founded with the realization that barriers can be significantly lowered by the smart application of the right software. Dedicated to creating educational software that makes a difference in schools today, the HEADRUSH mission is and will always be to foster self-empowered learners who are future-ready.


Connect with our team if your school, partner organization, or investors hope

to build sustainable relationships in order to make a positive difference

in education. Every person has a story, and we want to hear yours.

Meet the team

Mike Headrush.png
Mike Hourahine
Shane Krukowski
Jeff Tilson
Lead Developer
Bree Morsadi
James Carlson
Director of Communities & Practice
Strategic Storyteller