2021 Year in Review

As we enter 2022, we want to glance back at 2021, to make note of the achievements of our team, our schools and our partners. Each made progress towards the bigger goal: a more learner-centered world. We thank our schools and partners for their continued support and for demonstrating the power of a learner-centered philosophy.

In 2021, Headrush’s impact and reach continued to grow:

  • 80+ schools powered by Headrush
  • Passed 10,000 active accounts
  • Partnered with EduChange to power the 'architecture for lifelong learning'
  • +22,000 seminars, modules, projects, personal learning plans and other scenarios
  • 59% of these were student-led
  • More than 360,000 pieces of evidence were submitted by learners
  • And we added 57 features in the year

A Deeper Dive of What's New

In 2021, the Headrush team focused on adding easier ways to gather better feedback from a wider mentor network, streamlined ways to manage the back and forth between learners and advisors, and expanded ways to showcase competency-based achievement. Here’s a look at the more notable additions:

Guest Assessment

With guest assessment, invite outsiders to provide learners feedback on their work. Simply choose the learners and targets to assess, and send guests a link. Guests get a private view of each learner and can provide narrative feedback while reflecting against described rubrics or targets.

Task Workflow

Task workflow in Headrush makes it easier than ever to manage and track the status of a task from start to finish.

The workflow board shows status, freeing the task board to show structure.

Advisors can better support learners through feedback loops reflected in the workflow, while managing the big picture of learner work at a glance.

Task Assessment and Target Alignment

Learning targets can be aligned to individual Tasks. With task- and module-level target alignment, advisors get more detail in the overall summative assessment. Targets can be aligned on the fly as learners and advisors uncover new ways their evidence showcases learner progress. Task targets come with the ability to assess Task Evidence against those targets. This provides learners just in time feedback, while reinforcing the purpose (and value) of learning targets.

Custom Target Descriptors

Schools can customize the criteria descriptions that appear with learning targets. This provides context for rubrics, skills, and guest assessment during the assessment process.

Supplemental Assessments

The results of supplemental assessments from tasks and guest assessments are lined up in one single view right in the module’s overall assessment, including all the guest and task-specific assessment information.

Period reporting can include incomplete assessments

We simplified end-of-period reporting by allowing reports to be generated without requiring the entire module assessment to be completed.

Radial Competency Reports

Lastly, new radial report options better tell the story of individual learner progression across competencies.

To learn more about what’s new in Headrush, visit the What’s New section of our Help Center. Happy 2022!

Coming soon: Learner Global Workflow, Task Inbox, and Learning Scenarios

Have a great 2022. Let's chat about your plans?