^ How it Works

Evolve your learning culture

How can I keep my teachers learning and normalize a culture of flexibility while respecting norms and procedures?

Reinforce your Learning Model

Warehouse of templates

Common scaffolded approaches allow groups to codify expectations around a purpose while also still leaving enough flexibility for adaptation.

Dynamic assessment

Showcase more than just content acquisition! Multiple learning targets sets and a variety of ways to summarize/report about a learning helps reinforce the benefits of what you do different than the industrial model of education.

Guest Assessment

External audiences heighten authenticity of learning and provide a role for the community to enrich the student experience. Headrush makes this easy with registration-free guest assessment.

Meet [adult] Learners where they are

Flexible Task Boards

Task Boards in Headrush allow teachers to design [adult] learning the way they want, while still enabling new and different ways to manage learning outside the traditional ‘professional development when we can get to it’ structure.

Remix and Reuse

Parts and pieces can easily be copied from one place to another, encouraging and enabling content, performance tasks, and plans to be used in many ways and in all shapes in sizes.

Join the club

The Headrush team has started, lived in, and now services innovative learner-centered organizations. Join the community and gain access to Headrush huddles, networking connects, and available consulting.

Industrial Model anti-gravity

Dethrone the Course. Crown Agile as Queen.

Perhaps 16 week uniform credit chunks to account for learning may not best serve the learner, leverage new technology, or effectively inspire others to become educators? Headrush enables more agile chunks of learning since the course is not the center of our structure. You’re welcome :-)

Skill Sets for their Future, not our past rituals

Automation, artificial intelligence, and the global marketplace create different demands for learners well beyond content memorization. Skills such as project management, problem solving, and wayfinding are no longer a passing unit, they are the essentials to operate. Prioritize accordingly friends.

Human-Centered First

We’re all about using technology in smart ways to aid learning, foster creation, and broadcast expression, but we also believe relationships, agency, and purpose are rarely stimulated by clicking through video tutorials.

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