Bring learning to life.

Headrush is more than an LMS; it's a philosophy where every educational path is an exciting quest for knowledge. Our platform bridges the gap between structure and the serendipity of learning.

Put learner agency and engagement first

Engage students to own their learning, while ensuring they get the guidance and content they need for success

With Headrush, students aren’t just learning – they’re in charge. They get to propose their projects, collaborate effectively, and track their growth. Our approach focuses on clear goals and competency-based progress, ensuring they’re always moving forward.

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Agile accounting for learning

Maintain the integrity of your learning model while satisfying external stakeholder reporting and accreditations requirements

Fostering effective learning relies on quality feedback and timely assessment. Our platform blends traditional and innovative approaches, providing educators with the resources to nurture and measure student growth in more dynamic ways.

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Evolve your learning culture

Keep your teachers learning and normalize a culture of flexibility while respecting norms and procedures

Headrush allows students, teachers, and schools to unbundle courses into more dynamic projects, units, and seminars— better catering to student-led workflows as well as a variety of more engaging teaching strategies. Our platform simplifies the nitty-gritty of this continuum through drag and drop task boards, easy target alignment, and flexible competency assessments.

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HEADRUSH is a learning management platform built specifically for learner-centered schools, project-based programs, and competency-based education.

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See what makes Headrush a game-changer in education.

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