2022 A quick look back

December always comes so fast, and before the next year starts we wanted to look back and celebrate some of our achievements from 2022.

In 2022, our impact and reach grew:

  • 120+ schools powered by Headrush
  • Passed 20,000 active accounts
  • Partnered with JAG National to enable employer engagements for students across 38 states
  • Headrush enabled +67,000 seminars, modules, projects, personal learning plans and other scenarios
  • 68% of these were student-led
  • More than 375,000 pieces of evidence were submitted by learners
  • And we added 66 features in the year

New in 2022

Learner and Task Inbox

The Task Workflow added in 2021 gave advisors and learners better ways to manage their tasks across all their learning activities. In 2022 we added the 'Task Inbox' to keep track of all tasks across all modules, using powerful filters to focus on learning targets or learners. Learners likewise have a global workflow view to see where all their work is, and what they need to focus on first.

Joinable Experiences

Design a learning experience which is open for any learner to join, and share the experience to be easily found– that’s the heart of Joinable Experiences. That coupled with improvements to managing completed modules, Headrush now supports even greater individualization for learners.

Guardian Portal

Now, parents and guardians can login to Headrush and view their learner's projects, tasks, and dashboards and offer encouragement and support with the specifics.

Evidence and Feedback Loop

This past summer we focused on one of the most time-consuming aspects of being an advisor: the work of reviewing learner evidence and providing feedback. A visual overhaul and improvements to the workflow make evidence review and feedback easier and faster than ever before.

Downtime Holiday Viewing

For entertainment, inspiration, or relaxation, check out The Cure for the Common Classroom, a newly released documentary chronicling three innovative schools including Avalon and Think Global School which are both powered by Headrush.

Thank you for continuing to show the world what's possible when we meet learners where they are, empower students to own their learning, inspire learner-centered agile ecosystems in our schools, and express learning to the world. See you in 2023!

To learn more about what’s new in Headrush, visit the What’s New section of our Help Center.

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