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We all learn differently and start at different places.

We learn best by doing,
We learn best by creating,
We learn best by experiencing the world around us.

In the world of work, we collaborate, we showcase our work, and we project manage a lot.

What if our schools did the same?

Headrush is a learning platform for innovative educators who embrace these truths and are searching for a way to manage the messiness of liberating learning.

Headrush simplifies authentic, agile learning.

Whether it be more dynamic takes on classes via seminars, teacher-initiated projects, or student-led experiences, Headrush is designed with the learner at the center and NOT geared towards more traditional approaches. Headrush facilitates this with planning tools and student-initiated workflows. Headrush uses a Task board and evidence collection to streamline along the way management. Headrush uses competency-based assessment and reporting to communicate achievement, alongside some supportive tools to reinforce your learning culture.

Headrush empowers student-led learning.

First and foremost, Headrush puts students in the drivers seat, empowering them to propose ideas and gain support from their advisors, to create together a plan.

Headrush helps students manage their work and evidence of learning through task boards and collaboration tools, including in-place discussions. Likewise, since assessment is based on competencies, students have a clear sense of what they’ve demonstrated, what they’ve learned, and where they can drive next.

Headrush enables scaffolding and better feedback loops as well as assessment.

The warehouse includes starting points, templates and exemplars for re-mix and re-use.

Templates help reinforce best practice approaches such as PBL Works, the scientific method or something like a video production. Reflection, competencies and other optional measures allow a school to flexibly assess learning and to report on progress in traditional formats while supporting innovative practices and measurements.

Headrush showcases the learner’s journey.

Headrush embraces a variety of learning approaches aligned to learning outcomes that track to individualized completion. Smart views make it easy to keep up with groups of individualized work, then zoom into individual learners to see all projects, activities, competencies and optional credit completion.

All in all, Headrush provides stakeholders an easy way to visualize learning through activity feeds, task boards and evidence portfolios. The overall process Headrush reinforces helps both students and teachers practice the values of agile educational approaches as well as provide the tools to manage the messiness of that world.

To learn more about how your school can use Headrush to liberate learning get in touch with us today.

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