Project ARC Partnership


Project-based learning (PBL) proves to be more than a passing fad, advancing as a key pillar for the paradigm shift needed to transform education. With progressive, student-centered experiences shaping this “learning by doing” approach, the question now isn’t whether to implement PBL, it is how to best implement PBL and fight the complacency that even long-standing project-based schools seek to transcend. Dayna Laur and Tim Kubik, co-founders of Project ARC, find that “today’s young learners want the opportunity to co-create personalized learning arcs that work for them,” and believe students are highly capable of doing so. However, they question whether “today’s adult learners are as confident about learning how to do that with them.” They have each made it their life’s work to guide that journey.

Project ARC serves as the potential difference in educator professional development (PD) by moving beyond the traditional “drive-by” PD sessions. Instead, Project ARC  invites local leaders and community partners to help educators with continual PBL design work. Project ARC's signature talent triangle value proposition investigates how to leverage partnerships between technical experts, teachers, and technology to cultivate authentic, complex learning.