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Screenshot of Headrush the PBL learning management system

HEADRUSH is a learning management platform uniquely suited to support independent study programs and the homeschool families they collaborate with, all while generating the reporting both need to ensure compliance of expectations.


Visualize the Learning Journey

Guide the story arc of every learner's journey with smart planning, execution, assessment and reporting of deeper learning. Superpower teachers as mentors and enable students to be the heroes of their own story. 

Improve how teachers add value

Embrace how parents homeschool

HEADRUSH provides easy ways for your Independent Study Program teachers to provide value, manage expectations, while at the same time support parent/student-led activities. HEADRUSH’s teacher-designed, co-designed, and student-designed framework supports the continuum of the learner— both teacher as learner and student as learner as well as provides exemplar starting points via the Project Warehouse.

Animaton of Headrush's flexible taskbard for managing and scaffolding project-based learning.
Headrush: Evidence View
Headrush: Evidence View

Headrush Student Summary Report
Headrush Student Summary Report

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Headrush: Evidence View
Headrush: Evidence View


Keep your Ducks in a Row

Headrush provides streamlined ways to report out student activity and progress ensuring expectations are being tracked and met with ease. 

Testimoninal: DaVinci Connect

"The light has opened my eyes to Headrush! I can view everyone to see who has added their lessons each day and who hasn't, which is soooo helpful. I can now send out emails to ask students to meet so I can help them with their work journal!

Love it. Headrush rocks!"

         Darlene Wonggaew, Core 1 Educator

       Da Vinci Connect

"No really, you rock. Way to go team Headrush! People are happy. Thanks for all you do!"

         Brianne Allen, Operations Manager

       Da Vinci Connect

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